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Partner Countries

INCO 2 supports the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, targeting sustainable development around the Mediterranean Sea.


INCO 2's role is to enhance the science and technology base of the Mediterranean Partner Countries and to improve their research potential and innovation capacity. The programme's major priorities focus on developing a set of strategic sectors, selected through an extensive process of Euro-Mediterranean dialogue:

  • regional socio-economic modernisation;
  • the preservation and management of the region's vital, but scarce, water resources;
  • the preservation of the region's rich cultural heritage and other assets, such as marine ecology, which are key elements in the important tourism industry;
  • the promotion of healthy societies.

In the first sector, which is critical to a smooth transition in the implementation of a future free-trade zone beneficial to all the partner countries, actions will focus on long-term economic growth and boosting an entrepreneurial culture of technological innovation in fields such as modern urbanisation, transport networks and the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean information society.

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