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Horizon 2020 thematic workshops

Here you will find information about the specific workshops on the societal challenges and other component parts of Horizon 2020. Click on a title to see the report(s) from the workshop.

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Future and Emerging Technologies

Innovation and Horizon 2020

Marie Curie

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and the Bio-economy


"These presentations were given by experts taking part in the debates of the two stakeholder workshops concerning the CSF - Horizon 2020 for Research and Innovation on Food Security and Biobased Economy held on 4 and 13 July 2011. The reports are published with the authorisation of their authors. The responsibility for opinions expressed rests solely with the authors, and the publication does not constitute an endorsement by the European Union of the opinions expressed. Any statement and opinion expressed in these presentations should not be taken to be representative of the views of the European Commission."

Research infrastructures

Access to risk finance

The health, demographic change and wellbeing challenge

Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises

Towards more inclusive, innovative and secure societies challenge

Additional information (agenda, list of participants and slide presentations of the speakers) is available on the following pages of the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities web site

Secure, clean and efficient energy challenge

Smart, green and integrated transport challenege

Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies

Additional information (agenda and slide presentations of the speakers) is available on the following page:

Final Workshop on Enabling and Industrial Technologies in Horizon 2020, 4 July 2011

Resource efficiency and climate action challenge

The outcome of the consultation on future EU research and innovation funding was discussed at a major conference in Brussels on 10 June. This consultation exercise was mainly on simplification issues, funding mechanisms and other aspects of a general scope. However, many of the position papers received in many cases addressed issues relevant for the "Resource Efficiency and Climate Action" challenge.

This general consultation is being followed by thematic consultations. Stakeholder workshops have been organised for the "Resource Efficiency and Climate Action challenge" as follows:

- The first on 21 June 2011, addressing the scientific community

- The second on 15 July 2011, targeting government representatives.

The key messages from this exercise are available in summary reports prepared by an external Rapporteur.