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Winfried Hoffmann - What is needed to exit the crisis and help Europe's economy to grow?

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We have to have a real industry policy in place. Two years ago I was in the High Level Group, with the three commissioners which has now taken up again endeavour, now it's 4 commissioners and I can only hope that those ideas which we developed two years ago, namely that production, massproduction of important products in the key enabling technology areas, are also kept here in Europe. Because otherwise, we will also lose very soon the surrounding industry like the equipment manufacturers, the material manufacturers and as also a last step, the research and development. So that is something where I would encourage each and everyone within the Commission and also the 28 Member States from next month onwards, to really help to get an industry policy in place, which enables us investments to be made -because availability of investment money is one important point- and to really get along in these lines.

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