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Malcolm Harbour - How do you see research and innovation making a difference for a better future?

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We're now seeing with new programs of science and innovation a focus on tackling the big challenges that we need for the future and looking in ways in which we can have more integrated programs where science and technology and different fields is working much better together, exploring the synergies, we could say in longer words. Because I think up to now that we've perhaps had too much of a single focus in different disciplines. So this multidisciplinary horizontal research. Working together in teams and building bigger knowledge and innovation communities across Europe which is something we are doing with the European Institute of Technology which I'm very passionate about. I think that's a real step forward in developing new ways of working together So a combined effort, but focused on solving those big challenges and what interest me is when I see some universities in my region and other places, starting to organize their own research program around societal challenges. So within the universities themselves they're building these multidisciplinary teams and then will respond to the challenges that are coming from outside.

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