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Katarina Sipic - What is needed to exit the crisis and help Europe's economy to grow?

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I think that what is needed is a bigger political union in the European Union because as it is we do have the Euro, but we're not really politically agreeing on everything that to do with it. I think it is pretty obvious that,you know, some things come about and then need a very big plan or scheme to get solved, like this crisis. But I don't think it's the only issue. Obviously the crisis is an outcome of something greater and bigger in the world, so, it is the way, we've learned ever since the Reagan and Thatcher era to do the business, to leave, very many I don't know, free hands to our banks and the financial system. If that is wrong or good, I think that's actually a very difficult question to answer, I think it is very good to give freedom but I'm always a little bit skeptical as to how much we should actually trust the people who are always using freedom in a good way.

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