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Jessica Richman - How do you see research and innovation making a difference for a better future?

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This is what I'm very passionate about: I think citizen science would be the force for change in science in the next ten years. Right now there's only so much that a small number of highly trained people can do and we're doing all the things that they can do but there's way more that they can leverage when the public can be involved in their efforts and when the role of the scientist switches from being a person who does all the work himself by hand to someone who organizes the work that other people can do, it just expands the range of what is possible and I think if you are able to take advantage of a big scale, it would be a huge benefit because there is more of a communal spirit, there's more of a sense of, you know, let's all solve this problem together, especially in smaller countries you can sort of have a sense of well, this is a problem unique to our area, let's all fix this together and as citizen scientists you can contribute to that very easily and make a big difference.

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