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Gil Lee - In your experience what are the benefits of participating in EU research projects?

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One of the reasons I moved to Europe is because I wanted to, basically, collaborate in larger consortiums and the unique thing about the European Commission for Research is that it allows individuals to participate across the EU and in the United States, that type of collaboration is much more difficult. So, you can really build very large and multidisciplinary teams to work on important problems. Now, there's a limited number of problems, but fortunately I think that the problems that the EU chooses are typically very interesting. I should say that several of the research grants that are being funded in my group actually also have to deal with the development of individuals - these are the Marie Curie actions - and I think that type of funding is unique, it's quite important because it allows early stage investigators to develop from someone who might understand science, to someone who can really do it at a world class level. So, I've been very impressed by those programs as well.

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