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Gediminas Kostkevičius - How do you see research and innovation making a difference for a better future?

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Research and innovation is very important, but what do we call research and innovation? If it is a means to create products, services which change our lives, to make discoveries which are very important for changing our lives, yes it is research. But if I would ask somebody on the street what products this person could mention that influenced his life in the last decade and which of them have been created in Europe, I think he would not answer. Because PC, tablet PC or smartphones were not created in Europe. And my idea is that we should rely more on competition of concepts and ideas not on competition of projects. Because projects are very often compromises made between different researchers who decided to form consortiums to get funding from the European Union. And, in fact they all prefer to do what they are already doing and they don't search for new ideas which they think could be not realistic and difficult to achieve but which can change our lives.

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