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Dan Otteborn - What is needed to exit the crisis and help Europe's economy to grow?

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I think basically what is needed is that the citizens and governments particularly, learn that there is no free lunch, we cannot continue to overspend and borrow money and spend and believe that someone will pay it off for us in the future. There has to be much more discipline in Europe and elsewhere in the civilized or economically developped world. It's tough when it comes, but if we are not learning this we will again,go into the same kind of economic crisis as we are right now. It is, of course, alsosure that as the world is opening up and becoming more and more one, unique world... The standard of living will equalize a little bit. We cannot enjoy a very nice standard of living in Europe and retire at 55 and have the government pay for the rest of their lives when we have all the Chinese, the Indians, the Brazilians and so on who are keen on working and working very hard.

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