Research & Innovation performance and Horizon 2020 country participation for Slovakia

Country profile and featured projects for Slovakia

The European Semester, the Commission's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, supports Member States' structural reforms in different policy areas to promote jobs, growth and investment. Research and innovation play a key role in this context. That is why the Commission gives recommendations to and closely work with the Member States to increase the performance of their national research and innovation systems.

Country profile

The PDF file below contains the Horizon 2020 country profile and a link to a database of success stories related to Slovakia.

Featured Projects

This list contains 5 recently published articles on projects that have a partner in Slovakia.

Cultural heritage goes digital - and 3D

Temple columns at Kato Paphos Archaeological Park Paphos in Cyprus

An EU-funded training network used advanced imaging techniques to scan and reconstruct ancient artefacts and monuments in digital form. This opens many opportunities for conservationists, researchers and museums - in both preserving Europe's cultural heritage and educating people.
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In search of sensitive and sustainable crisis response


The EU is confronted by numerous conflicts in neighbouring regions and further afield, from the Middle East to Mali. An EU-funded project is examining whether the bloc's response is sensitive to the political and social context in each of these complex crises, and aims to ensure future interventions are efficient and sustainable.
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Linking Europe's logistics information systems


Logistics processes typically involve a multitude of actors, all of whom are likely to use different IT systems and solutions to organise the relevant tasks. Enabling these systems to connect across Europe would help boost efficiency, productivity and sustainability, say EU-funded researchers who are working to make this happen.
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Novel computational models to predict and prevent the next financial crisis

Image of boat made with dollar bill at the desert

EU-funded researchers have developed novel mathematical models and tools to better prepare financial markets for the unexpected, addressing many of the shortfalls of classical modelling approaches that dramatically failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis.
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Updating air traffic management to make flying safer


An EU-funded project has developed an integrated IT platform to identify and manage threats to the air traffic management system. This is helping to build a comprehensive and harmonised European framework to make air transport safer for everyone.
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