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Research and Innovation performance
and Horizon 2020 country participation for Italy

The European Semester, the Commission's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, supports Member States' structural reforms in different policy areas to promote jobs, growth and investment. Research and innovation play a key role in this context. That is why the Commission gives recommendations to and closely work with the Member States to increase the performance of their national research and innovation systems.

The PDF file below contains the Horizon 2020 country profile and a link to a database of success stories related to Italy.

Featured Projects

This list contains 20 recently published articles on projects that have a partner in Italy.

Image of people on the bus

Image of seafood on ice

Children in a school canteen

Image of planet Earth 360°

Image of a large amount of hydraulic seals

Photo of a solar panels

Image of the doctor's hand sketching virtual kidneys

Silhouette of fisherman throwing fishing net

Photo of a hemp plant

Photo of the robot

Photo nurse taking care onf a newborn

Image of a hand with cutter cutting a plant

Photo of the glasses

Biklio illustration image

Photo of a bumblebee pollinating Sunflower

Image of blue water

Image of an plane at sunset

Photo of a man writing on a glass plate board

Photo of space

Photo of an electric car being recharged

All Projects

You can find all the success stories for Italy in the Information Centre

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