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The European Semester, the Commission's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, supports Member States' structural reforms in different policy areas to promote jobs, growth and investment. Research and innovation play a key role in this context. That is why the Commission gives recommendations to and closely work with the Member States to increase the performance of their national research and innovation systems.

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Featured Projects

This list contains 8 recently published articles on projects that have a partner in Italy.

'Humanising' automated vehicles for safer roads

An EU-funded project is working to ensure that automated vehicles (AVs) can react to daily situations in a safer, more intuitive way. The project's user research will feed into the development of more interactive sensors, which could increase the level of road safety and lead to a competitive European market for AVs.

Detecting tiny exhaust particles to improve human health

Tiny particles in vehicle exhaust are damaging to human health, but some of these emissions have been too small to accurately measure until now. An EU-funded project is developing innovative technologies to achieve real-time analysis of emissions of ultrafine particles smaller than 23 nanometres.

Exposing Paraguay's complex social history of ethnic groups

An EU-funded project narrated the social tensions between Paraguay's different ethnic groups through the history of a tannin factory - the first to hire indigenous people. It aimed to foster discussion on the current and future socio-political situation in the former Spanish colony.

Recycled rubber and plastic on track for innovative railway sleepers

An EU-funded project is helping to green the railway sector and promote the circular economy by using sleepers made from recycled plastic and old tyres, which can also incorporate solar panels and smart technology.

Tapping the full potential of Europe's health data

An EU and industry-funded project is helping researchers tap into Europe's treasure trove of electronic health data, saving them time and money in their quest to cure and develop better drugs for debilitating diseases. The effort has already led to promising findings linked to Alzheimer's and obesity.

Technology to tackle the plastic pollution threat to water ecosystems

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste enter the world's oceans each year, posing a threat to marine ecosystems and contaminating the food chain with toxic compounds. EU-funded researchers are deploying cutting-edge technologies to prevent and mitigate this growing environmental hazard.

The Joint Research Centre: the European Commission's science and knowledge service

Scientific knowledge plays a crucial role in addressing global challenges such as climate change, demographic changes, or economic crises. We act as science providers and knowledge brokers by providing the best available evidence to policymakers. Our aim is to use scientific knowledge to build solutions that are efficient, equitable and sustainable.

Trialling tailored treatments for colorectal cancer

An EU-funded project completing pan-European clinical trials on a molecular approach to bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment marks a further step towards personalised and better medical care for patients - potentially saving lives.

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