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The European Semester, the Commission's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, supports Member States' structural reforms in different policy areas to promote jobs, growth and investment. Research and innovation play a key role in this context. That is why the Commission gives recommendations to and closely work with the Member States to increase the performance of their national research and innovation systems.

The PDF file below contains the Horizon 2020 country profile and a link to a database of success stories related to Ireland.

Featured Projects

This list contains 8 recently published articles on projects that have a partner in Ireland.

A leap forward in shipping safety

Inspired by aviation practices in 'resilience engineering', an award-winning EU-funded project has developed technology transfer methodology, a 'Procedure Improvement System', aviation style checklists, training modules and a 'Resilience Assessment Tool' to boost safety and crew preparedness in the maritime sector.

Assistive technology offers a helping hand

An EU co-funded research network is working on pioneering assistive technologies which can support independent living and enable choice among those diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and/or autism, in a bid to improve their quality of life.

Building better internal processors

From cars and planes to medical scanners, many features of modern life rely on multiple internal electronic systems. At the same time, the availability of multi-core computing platforms is a breakthrough for system and application integration. The ARTEMIS/ECSEL-JU and industry co-funded project EMC2 has developed tools to run real-time applications of mixed criticality into multi-core computing systems which increase efficiency while maintaining safety and function.

Designer bugs for creating greener plastics

Image of plastic bottles and containers prepared for recycling
Plastics are desirable because they are very durable and resistant to degradation. Plastic waste is undesirable because of these very properties. EU-funded researchers are designing bacteria to efficiently consume plastic waste and turn it into novel destructible plastic - good for the environment and health.

Fighting crime and terrorism with voice recognition

Voice-recognition technology can play a valuable part in preventing and solving crimes, including terrorist acts. The EU-funded project SIIP is developing software to reliably identify speakers in legally intercepted phone calls and social media. The database will be accessible to enforcement authorities through Interpol.

Making less common EU languages more accessible

An EU-funded project has developed a cost-efficient, high-quality machine translation tool for less widely spoken European languages such as Croatian, facilitating communication and helping smaller companies enter new markets.

Opening up international opportunities for Irish researchers

EU-funded project INSPIRE supported 50 experienced researchers from Ireland who undertook projects at universities across the globe, advancing both scientific knowledge and their careers.

Trialling tailored treatments for colorectal cancer

An EU-funded project completing pan-European clinical trials on a molecular approach to bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment marks a further step towards personalised and better medical care for patients - potentially saving lives.

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