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Country profile and featured projects for Ireland

The PDF file below contains the country profile and summaries of one or more specially selected projects.

Featured Projects

This list contains 20 recent projects that have a partner in Ireland.

Picture 3D printed hand

Picture of the men running on beach at sunset

Photo of a doctor handshaking a couple

Photo of a man's feet in soft green seaweed

Image of the weather map in space

Picture of the screen made of graphene

Photo of medical equipment

Photo of two senior ladies after chemotherapy

Picture of the young couple in cafe playing with smartphone

Photo of of scientist with plant and soil in lab

Photo of a researchers testing the irrigation methods

Photo of solar panels

image presenting the human urinary system and kidneys

Photo of sea life

Picture of fish farm

Image depicting tanker car during refueling

image of hands holding the mobile device on red bacground

Photo of 2 scientists with the plants

Picture of small boy obscuring the ears

Chiba Dam - Tunisia

All Projects

You can find all the success stories for Ireland in the Information Centre

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