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The European Semester, the Commission's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination, supports Member States' structural reforms in different policy areas to promote jobs, growth and investment. Research and innovation play a key role in this context. That is why the Commission gives recommendations to and closely work with the Member States to increase the performance of their national research and innovation systems.

The PDF file below contains the Horizon 2020 country profile and a link to a database of success stories related to Bulgaria.

Featured Projects

This list contains 8 recently published articles on projects that have a partner in Bulgaria.

A new standard for citizen participation in policy

Group of people shows thumbs up sign O.K
We all have a view on how we want society to be. And we all live in a world that is a result of policies adopted. An EU-funded project is making it possible for European citizens to put the future they want on the research agenda.

Discussing food security over a big picnic

Picture big hamburger inside the lifebuoy
With a growing population, giving everyone access to enough safe and nutritious food is a challenge. An EU-funded project brings together the public, scientists, policymakers and industry to discuss ways of tackling it.

Global digital archive provides accessible link to the past

EU-funded researchers have digitally connected valuable archaeological sources from around the world, providing easy online access to professionals and instilling a culture of information sharing in the field.

Growing the bioeconomy together

Picture of Earth
Innovative bio-based alternatives already exist for many products derived from fossil fuels, and research teams worldwide are busily developing new solutions. An EU-funded project is encouraging Europeans to explore the prospect of a sustainable economy firmly rooted in renewables and fostering dialogue on its governance.

Novel computational models to predict and prevent the next financial crisis

Image of boat made with dollar bill at the desert
EU-funded researchers have developed novel mathematical models and tools to better prepare financial markets for the unexpected, addressing many of the shortfalls of classical modelling approaches that dramatically failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis.

Smarter grids for reliable electricity transport

Picture of high-voltage power lines at sunset
An EU-funded project has developed a probabilistic approach to providing a reliable and affordable electricity supply to European consumers. It uses innovative methods to address the challenges of an increasingly interconnected, flexible and renewables-dominated system.

Taking down terrorist networks

Picture of masked man probably terrorist in front of laptop
The risks posed to Europe by organised crime and terrorist networks go beyond security. Additional impacts range from tax revenue to social harmony. While many different organisations are involved in awareness-raising, prevention, threat identification and intervention, strategies would be more effective if grounded in greater understanding of the phenomena. EU-funded researchers are now on the case.

Technology to tackle the plastic pollution threat to water ecosystems

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste enter the world's oceans each year, posing a threat to marine ecosystems and contaminating the food chain with toxic compounds. EU-funded researchers are deploying cutting-edge technologies to prevent and mitigate this growing environmental hazard.

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