Universal coverage in Tanzania and South Africa: Monitoring and evaluating progress

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 261349
EC contribution
: € 3,000,000.00
: 60 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2011
: Universal coverage; health policy implementation; monitoring and evaluation; health care financing; financial risk protection; health care access
Project web-site
: http://www.unitas-africa.org


The goal of universal health coverage is receiving increasing international attention. South Africa is introducing a system of universal health care entitlements to be funded from general tax and additional dedicated tax revenue.

Tanzania is integrating existing health insurance schemes for formal and informal sector workers under the management of a single insurer and is seeking to expand insurance coverage of informal sector workers. In both countries, these financing reforms are being phased in, with an initial emphasis on wide-ranging efforts to improve the delivery and management of health services.

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