REsearch into POlicy to enhance Physical Activity

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 281532
EC contribution
: € 3,000,000.00
: 60 months
Starting date
: 01/10/2011
: evidence-informed decision-making, policy-making, knowledge into action, physical activity, policy analysis, game simulation, stewardship approach.
Project web-site

REPOPA is an international five year research project funded by the European Commission with nine collaborating partners from seven countries. The aim of the project is to assess the needs, role and use of research evidence in physical activity policy making and to study ways research evidence is combined and negotiated with ‘other kinds of evidence’ in cross-sector policy making process with the focus on physical activity policies (WP1); to explore innovative ways to translate research evidence into policy making process (WP2 and WP3 interventions) and to further translate the results into guidance, tools and infrastructures for the future enhancement of evidence-informed policy making in Europe (WP4, WP6).

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