Quality of maternal and prenatal care: bridging the know-do gap

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Besides a lack of financial and human resources, healthcare in developing countries is endangered by quality deficiencies caused by low staff motivation. This lack of motivation leads to an insufficient translation of knowledge into optimal utilisation of resources. The 'know-do' gap represents a challenge that must be addressed to strengthen health services performance towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This is in particular true for maternity care. A computer-assisted clinical decision support system (CDSS) will be developed, implemented and tested aiming at

  1. quality improvement of maternal and newborn care, and
  2. assessment of provider's performance.

Based on this tool a commonly agreed incentive scheme to increase motivation will be shaped and tested in three SSA countries, namely Burkina Faso, Ghana and Tanzania. The incentive scheme might contain both non-monetary and monetary incentives and will be designed according to the human resource policy in the three countries.

Prof. Rainer Sauerborn
Universitaetsklinikum Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Germany
EC contribution: EUR 2 915 228
Duration: 60 months
Starting date: 01/05/2009
Project web-site: http://www.qualmat.net/