Enhancing human resources and the use of appropriate technologies for maternal and perinatal survival in sub-Saharan Africa

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 266290
EC contribution
: € 2,599,957.00
: 42 months
Starting date
: 01/02/2011
: Maternal health, millennium development goals, non-clinician physicians, Africa, clinical guidelines
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Most African women face childbirth without access to skilled health workers when obstetric and neonatal emergencies arise. Providing and retaining skilled health workers is vital in attempts to save the 400,000 pregnant or birthing women and 7 million babies who die annually in the world. In the modern world this tragedy is unacceptable and largely preventable.

Education and training for health professionals is the key to improving healthcare for mothers and babies in Africa. Non-Physician Clinicians (NPCs) are an effective and retainable health solution for many areas of Africa where there are too few doctors for the needs of the population.

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