Equity-LA II

The impact of alternative care integration strategies on Health Care Networks’ performance in different Latin American health systems

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 305197
EC contribution
: € 5,926,937.00
: 60 months
Starting date
: 01/08/2013
: Health care integration; quality of health care; health policy; health services; quantitative and qualitative methods; best practices; capacity building; health workers training.
Project web-site
: http://www.equity-la.eu

Health services fragmentation is one of the main obstacles of effective health care outcomes in Latin America. Equity-LA II aims to evaluate the effectiveness of different care integration strategies in improving coordination and quality of care of IHN in different Latin-American health systems with particular reference to chronic diseases.

Equity-LA II adopts a quasi-experimental design with an innovative participatory action-research approach involving relevant stakeholders in the entire research process.

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