Mobility of Health Professionals

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: Health-F2-2008-223049
EC contribution
: € 2,340,347.00
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/11/2008
: Migration; Health professionals; health care systems; health care workforce monitoring, planning and management; EU and national policies; international cooperation; ethical recruitment of health workers.
Project web-site

Mobility of Health Professionals (MoHProf) was a global research project on international migration of health workers, physicians and nurses in particular. Scientific institutes conduct-ed investigations and have been working together with worldwide active international organi-sations which have global links to research and policy development on international mobility of health workers.

Studies on macro and micro level took place in 25 countries on all conti-nents comprising sending, transit and destination countries within and outside the EU. The essential methodological feature of MoHProf was a mainly qualitative approach which ana-lysed quantities and qualities of migration flows with comparable methodological approaches in order to determine general features of worldwide mobility of health workers and its impact on national health systems as well as distinctive particularities.

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