Prevalence, 1-year incidence and symptom severity of mental disorders in the elderly: Relationship to impairment, functioning (ICF) and service utilisation

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 223105
EC contribution
: € 2,997,684.00
: 54 months
Starting date
: 01/10/2008
: mental health, elderly, epidemiology, ICF, service utilization, incidence.
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The MentDis_ICF65+ study is a multicentre study which aims to first develop a reliable diagnostic assessment battery appropriate and valid in the elderly and secondly to collect data on the prevalence, the incidence and on the natural course and prognosis of mental disorders in sufficiently powered representative samples of older people living in the community across different European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, UK) and associated states (Switzerland, Israel).

This study is designed as a prospective epidemiological study. For estimating the prevalence of mental disorders a cross-sectional study design was deployed. Based on the same cohort the 1-year incidence will be estimated.

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