International Research on Financing Quality in Healthcare

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 261369
EC contribution
: approximately EUR 2.9 million
: 42 months
Starting date
: 01/12/2010
: healthcare quality, healthcare equity, healthcare efficiency, healthcare financing, pharmaceutical care, outpatient care, hospital care, integrated care.
Project web-site

The objective of the International Research Project on Financing Quality in Healthcare InterQuality has been to investigate the effects of financing systems on the quality of healthcare. The study, based on administrative and survey data, has been designed for 42 months. Four different patient groups (sectors), affected by: hospital, outpatient, pharmaceutical and integrated care, have been taken into account.

The scope of research covers: utilization of resources and efficiency, equity of access, quality of care, including: outcomes, safety of treatment and patient satisfaction . Resources allocated by each sector have been analysed in relation to risk of their overuse, underuse or misuse. Critical appraisal of individual contracts was based on the New Institutional Economics Theory. Principal-Agent theoretical framework, the new standard approach to modelling relationships between payers and providers in healthcare, has been applied to the analysis of reimbursement schemes.

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