A Handbook to Access Health Care Data for Cross-Country Comparisons of Efficiency and Quality

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 242099
EC contribution
: € 1,481,898.00
: 36 months
Starting date
: 01/03/2010
: Health system performance measurement, Assessment of data quality, Cross-country comparisons, Patient-level data, Disease-driven approach .
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EuroREACH is an international coordination action to improve access to and use of healthcare data and to enhance cross-country comparisons of health system performance.


Over the last ten years there has been an increased investment in European and international initiatives to improve health data to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of health care systems. The major impetus behind this movement has been to help national policy-makers assess the health status of their populations and to monitor how health care systems perform compared to other countries. However, progress in this field has been rather slow, since data is often focused on structural aspects of health care e.g. resources, (aggregate) numbers of procedures and treatments and cost, leading to compartmentalization of health data initiatives with a lacking focus on the optimisation of the delivery of health care to European citizens. This often impedes meaningful cross-country comparisons and research of health system performance.

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