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RICHE - a platform and inventory for child health research in Europe

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Compared with others, the health of European children is not bad, but serious problems persist, e.g. social inequality, obesity, mental health, alcohol abuse and sexuality. Fixing these will require answers to complex questions, crossing disciplinary and policy boundaries. We are a network for researchers, funders, policymakers, advocates and young people in Europe, to support developing the future of child health research. We will produce reports on an inventory, gaps and roadmaps for the future of research in Europe, and establish an open and Open Source multi-lingual platform for child health research. We will work with others, including young people, and their advocates. Join us!

Prof. Anthony Staines
Dublin City University
School Of Nursing
Dublin, Ireland
EC contribution: EUR 1 499 307
Duration: 36 months
Starting date: 01/02/2010
Project web-site: