Occupational Health and Safety Economics

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Occupational health and safety (OSH) of workers is at the heart of the production process. The economic dimension is therefore an important but not clearly defined aspect. ECOSH's objective is to clarify the economic dimension of OSH. It will bring together researchers and stakeholders and present the results of their discussions in the following three different international workshops.

  1. The impact of OSH and OSH-interventions on productivity,
  2. Economic evaluation of OSH-interventions,
  3. Economic incentives for enhancing the uptake of preventive OSH-interventions.

The results of the workshops will be reported on a website and in a scientific journal. ECOSH builds on previous work of the EU Agency for Safety and Health at Work and combines it with the latest findings from scientific research on effectiveness and economic evaluation of OSH interventions.

Dr Jos Verbeek
Knowledge Transfer in Osh Team
Kuopio, Finland
EC contribution: EUR 210 574
Duration: 25 months
Starting date: 01/02/2008
Project web-site: