Developing a Child Cohort Research Strategy for Europe

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 241604
EC contribution
: € 1,490,124.00
: 38 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2010
: Child Health, Birth Cohorts, Research Priorities, Mother-Child Cohorts, Social Inequalities, Policy Impact.
Project web-site

CHICOS developed a Europe-wide strategy for mother-child cohort research by evaluating current birth cohort data across Europe and comparing alternatives for future strategies. CHICOS has shown that the groundwork now exists for ongoing birth cohort research in Europe including more than 500,000 mother-child pairs which can lead to scientific advances of great relevance to European child health policy making. CHICOS recommends establishing a collaborative European Birth Cohort infrastructure, using data from existing and new cohorts. Such a cohort will lead to a permanent, Europe-wide data resource containing longitudinal, individual-level information about child health in Europe. It will provide key statistics on child health and determinants to enable health surveillance and to provide rapid responses to knowledge gaps that have to be tackled to inform policies.

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