REsearch into implementation STrategies to support patients of different ORigins and language background in a variety of European primary care settings

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 257258
EC contribution
: € 2,990,590.00
: 48 months
Starting date
: 01/04/2011
: Migrant health, Normalisation Process Theory, Participatory Learning and Action Research.
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This project is concerned with optimising the delivery of primary healthcare to European citizens who are migrants and who experience language and cultural barriers in host countries. We focus on the implementation of evidence-based health information (e.g. guidelines to enhance communication in cross-cultural consultations) and interventions (e.g. training initiatives on interculturalism and the use of paid interpreters) designed to address language and cultural barriers in primary care settings. We explore how the evidence-based information is translated (or not) into routine practice in primary care settings. We investigate and support implementation processes for evidence-based health information using a unique combination of contemporary social theory, the Normalization Process Theory, and a participatory research methodology, Participatory Learning and Action.

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