Assessing the Over The Counter medications in Primary Care and translating the theory of Planned Behaviour into interventions

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: 223654
EC contribution
: € 967,185.00
: 30 months
Starting date
: 01/12/2009
: Non-prescribed medicines, general practice/family medicine, Theory of Planned Behaviour, Primary Health Care, Southern Europe, multifaceted intervention, recommendations.
Project web-site
: http://www.otcsociomed.uoc.gr/


The inappropriate provision and consumption of non-prescribed medicines consists a public health problem of outmost importance for developed as well as for developing countries. The problem has been shown to be widespread in Mediterranean countries with enormous health risks. Although abuse of non-prescribed medicines is steadily rising and concerns about inappropriate treatment and adverse drug reactions have been raised, this subject does not appear to have received the attention it deserves in general practice/family practice research. In Europe, particularly in the Southern European region, countries have neither a full national programme to promote better use of medicines nor a multidisciplinary national body under mandate to monitor medicine consumption or even to develop and coordinate the implementation of such a programme.

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