Scoping study of approaches to Brokering knowledge and Research Information to support the Development and Governance of health systems in Europe

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Contract/Grant agreement number
: Health-F2-2009-223473
(Coordination and Support action)
EC contribution
: € 790,998.00
: 28 months
Starting date
: 01/01/2009
: Knowledge brokering; Knowledge transfer; Health systems; Health Policy; Evidence into practice; Knowledge brokering mechanisms; Organizational models for knowledge brokering; Interactive knowledge-sharing mechanisms.
Project web-site

The BRIDGE project was designed by the European Observatory to understand and respond to the gap between evidence and information on health systems, and the reforms and strategies designed to shape them. The need for governments and other stakeholders to take well-informed decisions is well recognized and yet policy is often made without reference to the best available health systems information. Knowledge brokering is a term used to describe the efforts to ensure that the two do connect and that there is a link between policymakers and researchers, the information they generate and need, and the contexts they operate in.

BRIDGE sought: to map the various organizations undertaking such brokering work on health systems policy across the European Union and European Free Trade Area countries; to understand the knowledge brokering mechanisms that are being used and the reasons they work and do not work; and to examine the ways that information could be more effectively brought to bear on decision making.

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