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List of projects (Netherlands (The) - NL)

ATTMAL New Genetic Technologies: Applications to Generate Attenuated Malaria Vaccines
EuropeHIVResistance European Cohort Coordinating Network on HIV Drug Resistance
HIV COM THER Development and Testing of a Combined Anti-Retroviral, Immune, and Gene Therapy for Treatment of HIV Patients
HIVSTOP Development of an Effective RNA Interference-Based Anti-HIV-1 Therapy Using an SV40-Derived Vector
Immuno VacTB A new approach for developing a less Immunosuppressive Vaccine for Tuberculosis
MALTRANS Project Interruption of Malaria Transmission Vaccine Strategies
Mol.Epidemology TB New Generation Genetic Markers and Techniques for the Epidemiology and Control of Tuberculosis
Pox-gene A Combined Pox-virus/Lentiviral Vector System to Treat HIV Infection; Immunisation and Direct In Vivo Gene Transfer in T-Lymphocytes
PRIBOMAL Preclinical Studies towards an Affordable, Safe and Efficacious Two-Component Paediatric Malaria Vaccine
SPREAD Strategy to Control SPREAD of HIV Drug Resistance
TBADAPT Effect of Genetic Variation in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis on Vaccine Escape and the Acquisition of Drug Resistance
TB-VAC TB-VAC: An Integrated Project for New Vaccines against Tuberculosis
UNITE-MORE Uniformity in Testing and Monitoring HIV Resistance
VIRULENCE HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Resistance and Its Consequences for Viral Virulence
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