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List of projects (France - FR)

ADVAC-EC Advanced Vaccinology Training for Scientists from ACC and Developing Countries: From Genomics to Vaccination Strategies for Communicable Diseases Linked to Poverty
BioMalPar Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite
COCONUTKIT Project to coordinate the write up of a protocol for a clinical trial aimed at shortening treatment for tuberculosis
EMLI Phase-I and II Trials of the Malaria Pre-Erythrocytic Vaccine LSA-3 and Refinement  of Measurable Outcomes
FACT Development of Oral Fixed Dose Artesunate-Based Combinations for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Malaria
HIDDEN HIV CHALLENGE Challenging the Hidden HIV: Understanding the Block on Transcriptional Reactivation to Eradicate Infection
MALINV Differential Expression of Malaria Invasion-Associated Proteins in the porozoite: Novel Vaccination Strategy
MPCM Pathogenic Role of MicroParticles in Cerebral Malaria
MUNANO VAC Mucosal Nano Vaccine Candidate for HIV
NEWHIVTARGETS Identifying novel classes of HIV inhibitors
NM4TB New Medicines for Tuberculosis
NOVEL ANTIMALARIALS Malarial Chemotherapy Targeting Plasmodial Phospholipid Biosynthesis: Implementation of a Pro-drug Strategy for Orally Active Compounds
READ-UP Redox Antimalarial Drug discovery
TB VACCINE CLUSTER A Cluster for Tuberculosis Vaccine Development
THERAVAC Evaluation of a Therapeutic Vaccination Strategy for HIV-1 Infection TheraVac
Tuberculosis China The Diversity of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Strains in China: Tracing the Origins of the Worldwide Dispersion of the Multidrug-Resistant Beijing Genotype
X-TB Structural and Functional Genomics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
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