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List of projects (Germany - DE)

ADMALI Adhesive Interactions in Malaria: New Targets for Intervention
China-HIV-VacIII Phase I/II clinical testing of Clade C-based HIV-1 Candidate Vaccines in China
CILMALVAC The Tetrahymena system as an innovative approach to malaria antigene expression
CTL and HIV- super Infection CTL-Mediated Protection from HIV-1 Infection in a High-Risk Cohort in Tanzania: Persistent Seronegativity, Persistent Single-Subtype Infection, and Cross-Subtype Superinfection
DEC-VAC Development of a Dendritic Cell-targeted Vaccine against AIDS
DETEC SIV/HIV Vaccines: Detecting Efficacy and Explaining Inefficacy
ENVEP European Network for Vaccine Evaluation in Primates: Combined Vector Immunisation for AIDS Vaccine Development
FASTEST-TB Development and Clinical Evaluation of Fast Tests for Tuberculosis Diagnosis
HIV PI resistance HIV protease inhibitor resistance by enzyme- substrate coevolution
HIV PR INHIBITORS Rational Approaches Towards Understanding and Overcoming HIV Protease Inhibitor Resistance
HIVAB Generation of Broadly Cross Neutralising Antibodies for Innovative Active-passive HIV Vaccination Strategies Based on Modified Ig-gene Transgenic Mice
HIV-superinfections Behavioural, Immunological and Virologic Correlates of HIV-1 Superinfection (HIV+ vs HIV++) in Rural Tanzania
MalariaPorin Validation of the Plasmodium Aquaglyceroporin as a Drug Target
MALCROSS Genetic Analysis of the Chloroquine Drug Resistance and the Accelerated-Resistance-to Multiple Drugs Phenotypes in the Human Malarial Parasite Plasmodium Falciparum
MAMOP Improving the Management of Childhood Malaria: An Experiment to Bridge the Gap Between Mothers and Healthcare Providers
MUVADEN Mucosal Vaccines Against Human and Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses Based on Dendritic Cells
MVACTOR Host Immune Activation Optimised Vaccinia Virus Vectors for Vaccine Development
NEW ANTIMALARIALS Clinical and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Fosmidomycin and its Derivates as Antimalarial Drugs
NEW ANTIMYCOBACTERIALS Inhibitors of the Nonmevalonate Pathway of Isoprenoid Biosynthesis as Drugs Against Tuberculosis
NEWTBDRUGS New Drugs for Persistent Tuberculosis: Exploitation of 3-D Structure of Novel Targets, Lead Optimisation and Functional In-Vivo Evaluation
PAMVAC The Development of Vaccine Against Pregnancy-Associated Malaria - PAMVAC (Pregnancy-Associated Malaria Vaccine)
PERSISTENT TB Novel Drug Targets Specific to Persistent (Latent) Tuberculosis Infection:  Crystallisation, Structure Determination and Functional Studies
PHARMA-PLANTA Recombinant Pharmaceuticals from Plants for Human Health
SENSITIVE TARGETS Oxygen-Sensitive Enzymes of the Mevalonate-Independent Isoprenoid Biosynthesis Pathway as Targets for New Antimalarial and Anti-TB Drugs
TIP-VAC Explaining and Improving Efficacy of Targeted Immunodeficiency Virus-like Particle Vaccines against AIDS
VirApt Antiviral Aptamers for Treatment of HIV-1 Infection
VITBIOMAL Vitamin Biosynthesis as a Target for Antimalarial Therapy
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