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2007 Projects

List of projects started in 2007 (sorted by Acronym)

Allomicrovac A combined microbicidal-immunizing strategy against SIV and HIV infection
CILMALVAC The Tetrahymena system as an innovative approach to malaria antigene expression
DETECTHIV Sensitive Nanoparticle Assay For the Detection of HIV
EPIVAC Development of a multi-step Improved Epidermis Specific Vaccine Candidate against HIV/AIDS
EUROPRISE European Vaccines and Microbicides Enterprise
GISHEAL Genetic and Immunological Studies of European and African HIV-1+ Long Term Non-Progressors
HIV PI resistance HIV protease inhibitor resistance by enzyme- substrate coevolution
HIVResInh Preparation and Identification of New HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Targeted Against HIV Strains Resistant to anti-HIV/AIDS drugs
HUMALMAB Human monoclonal antibodies as tools for malaria research and therapy
Immuno VacTB A new approach for developing a less Immunosuppressive Vaccine for Tuberculosis
INNOVAC Highly Innovative Strategies for Vaccination to Poverty Related Diseases
MUNANO VAC Mucosal Nano Vaccine Candidate for HIV
MVACTOR Host Immune Activation Optimised Vaccinia Virus Vectors for Vaccine Development
NEAT The European AIDS Treatment Network
Plasmodium dUTPase Deoxyuridine Triphosphate Nucleotidohydrolase as a Drug Target against Malaria
TBIRIS Pathogenesis and identification of predictive factors of TB-IRIS in HIV patients under HAART
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