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2000 Projects

List of projects started in 2000 (sorted by Acronym)

ADMALI Adhesive Interactions in Malaria: New Targets for Intervention
AMVTNETHIC AMVTN Workshops on the Molecular Biology and Immunology of Malaria Vaccines
ATTMAL New Genetic Technologies: Applications to Generate Attenuated Malaria Vaccines
CASCADE Concerted Action on SeroConversion to AIDS and Death in Europe
DISSARM Development of Integrable Sensors for Screening of Antibiotic Resistance in Mycobacterium
ECS European Collaborative Study on Pregnant HIV Infected Women and Their Children
ENVEP European Network for Vaccine Evaluation in Primates: Combined Vector Immunisation for AIDS Vaccine Development
EUROMALVAC1 A European Malaria Vaccine Development Consortium
EuroSIDA The EuroSIDA network 2000-200: Clinical and Virological Outcome of European Patients Infected with HIV
EUROVAC I European Vaccine Effort Against HIV/AIDS
EVA Programme EVA (European Vaccine Against Aids) Centralised Facility For Aids Reagents
HIV COM THER Development and Testing of a Combined Anti-Retroviral, Immune, and Gene Therapy for Treatment of HIV Patients
HIV RESISTANCE New Tools to Investigate and Suppress HIV Drug Resistance
HIV-1 MTCT International Network on HIV-1 Mother-to-Child Transmission: Developing Integration of Healthcare Programmes, Clinical, Social and Basic Research
HIV-superinfections Behavioural, Immunological and Virologic Correlates of HIV-1 Superinfection (HIV+ vs HIV++) in Rural Tanzania
MALTRANS Project Interruption of Malaria Transmission Vaccine Strategies
Mol.Epidemology TB New Generation Genetic Markers and Techniques for the Epidemiology and Control of Tuberculosis
MUCOSAL TB VACCINE Role of Mucosal Immunity for Protection against Tuberculosis
PARASAC Organisation of an International Conference: ‘Moving targets - Parasites, Resistance and Access to Drugs’ from 4-6 December 2000
PENTA Paediatric European Network for the Treatment of AIDS
TARGETING NEF The HIV-1 Pathogenicity Factor Nef as a Novel Therapeutic Target
TB prevention cluster New Strategies for Treatment and Prevention of Mycobacterial Diseases
TB VACCINE CLUSTER A Cluster for Tuberculosis Vaccine Development
VACSEL Longitudinal Study of Correlates of Immunity to Tuberculosis in Exposed Individuals
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