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FP7 projects


List of project (sorted by Coordinator)

ALENIUS Harri MAARS Microbes in Allergy and Autoimmunity Related to the Skin
ARNER Anders INCOMB Combating incontinence, from basic science to clinical practice
BOUSQUET Jean MeDALL Mechanisms of the Development of Allergy
BUCKLEY Christopher EURO-TEAM Towards Early diagnosis and biomarker validation in Arthritis Management
BUTLER-BROWNE Gillian MYOAGE Understanding and combating human age-related muscle weakness
GONZÁLEZ BALLESTER Miguel Ángel HEAR-EU High-resolution image-based computational inner ear modelling for surgical planning of cochlear implantation
GRUNDY David IPODD IBD: proteases offer new targets for drug discovery
GRANDORI Ferdinando AHEAD III Assessment of Hearing in the Elderly: Aging and Degeneration - Integration Through Immediate Intervention
GULLBERG Mats IBD-CHARACTER Inflammatory Bowel Disease CHARACTERization by a multi-modal integrated biomarker study
FÖLL Dirk MIAMI Monitoring innate immunity in arthritis and mucosal inflammation
HOLTHOFER Harry KIDNEYCONNECT A Gateway to European Kidney Research Resources
HUIZINGA Tom MASTERSWITCH Mechanisms to Attack Steering Effectors of Rheumatoid Syndromes with Innovated Therapy Choices
JUIZ Jose M. PROHEARING A novel micronutrient-based strategy to prevent hearing impairments: test and road to market for age-related hearing loss and preservation of residual hearing
HYOTY Heikki PEVNET Persistent virus infection as a cause of pathogenic inflammation in type 1 diabetes - an innovative research program of biobanks and expertise
KAIN Renate INTRICATE Infectious triggers of chronic autoimmunity
KANAVOS Panos MAPPING_NCD Mapping Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Research Activities and their Impact
LOTTAZ Daniel IBDASE Mucosal protease and their inhibitors in inflammatory bowel disease: From etiopathogenetic insight to innovative therapy
MCALPINE David ABCIT Advancing Binaural Cochlear Implant Technology
MAYER Bernd SYSKID Systems biology towards novel chronic kidney disease diagnosis and treatment
MISSE Christophe FLIP Fatty liver: Inhibition of Progression
MOBASHERI Ali D-BOARD Novel Diagnostics and Biomarkers for Early Identification of Chronic Inflammatory Joint Diseases
MYDEL Piotr GUMS AND JOINTS Protein citrullination as a link between periodontal diseases and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and target for development of novel drugs to treat RA.
OVRETVEIT John IMPLEMENT A research agenda on implementation research in chronic care
PAILLASSE Michaël AFHELO Preclinical proof of concept of AF243 potency to prevent and/or treat sensorineural hearing loss
PAQUET-DURAND François DRUGSFORD Preclinical development of drugs and drug delivery technology for the treatment of inherited photoreceptor degeneration
PAPADOPOULOS Nikolaos G. PREDICTA Post-infectious immune reprogramming and its association with persistence and chronicity of respiratory allergic diseases
PAPAPOULOS Socrates TALOS Targeting LRP5 to Increase Bone Formation in Osteoporosis
PEDERIVA Cédrine FLORINASH The role of intestinal microflora in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
ROMANI Luigina ALLFUN Fungi in the setting of inflammation, allergy and autoimmune diseases:Translating basic science into clinical practices
Rye JORGENSEN Niklas ATPBONE Fighting osteoporosis by blocking nucleotides: purinergic signalling in bone formation and homeostasis
SATSANGI Jack IBD-BIOM Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease
SOLOMON Arieh VISION Prolonged inhibition of semaphorine3a pathway via a bio-degradable implant towards a better therapy for visual sensory impairments
SPECTOR Tim TREAT OA Translational Research in Europe - Applied Technologies for Osteoarthritis
UITTERLINDEN André GEFOS Genetic Factors for Osteoporosis
URBAN Jill GENODISC Disc-degeneration linked pathologies: novel biomarkers and diagnostics for targeting treatment and repair
WAHLBERG Lars NEUEAR Neurotrophic Cochlear Implant for Severe Hearing Loss
WALKER Samantha EARIP European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership
ZIEGLER-HEITBROCK Loems EVA Markers for emphysema versus airway disease in COPD
ZANEN Pieter COPACETIC COPD Pathology: Addressing Critical gaps, Early Treatment and Innovative Concepts