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International Rare Disease Research Consortium


Nominations to the International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC) Scientific Committees

Nominations to the IRDiRC Scientific Committees are now open. Nominations should be sent to the e-mail address: RTD-IRDIRC[at] using the template nomination letter that can be downloaded from the documents section below. The deadline to submit nominations is 15 December 2011.

Each funding body represented in the Executive Committee of IRDiRC as well as associations, learned societies, umbrella organisations of patient advocacy groups, research organisations, etc. can nominate one person to one of the three Scientific Committees. The funding body sitting as Chair for IRDiRC shall abstain from nominating to the Scientific Committees.


IRDiRC will have three Scientific Committees, one each for Diagnostics (including sequencing and characterization), Therapies (including pre-clinical and clinical development) and Horizontal aspects (including ontologies, national history, biobanking, registries etc) advising the Executive Committee on research priorities for future R&D investments and on progress made of funded research.

The Scientific Committees will:

  • Act as scientific coordinating bodies,
  • Propose research priorities for consideration by the Executive Committee,
  • Propose policies and guidelines for adoption by the Executive Committee,
  • Assess progress made by the Working Groups (i.e. projects funded),
  • Address arising issues of scientific nature,
  • Encourage exchange of protocols and best practices, and agree on standard operating procedures, quality standards, etc.

For the formal rules with regard to the mandate, composition and nomination process of the Scientific Committees please read Annex 1 of the template nomination letter.


  • Template nomination letter

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