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FP7 projects


Project Acronym Project Title
AGEDBRAINSYSBIO Systems Biology of Pathways Involving Brain Ageing
BRAINAGE Impact of Prenatal Stress on BRAIN AGEing
CHROMED Clinical tRials fOr elderly patients with MultiplE Disease
DDPDGENES Identification of genes important for human midbrain dopamine neuron development and Parkinson's disease
DEVELAGE Pathways common to brain development and ageing: defining strategies for preventive therapy and diagnostics
DO-HEALTH VitaminD3-Omega3-Home Exercise- HeALTHy Ageing and Longevity Trial
DORIAN Developmental Origins of Healthy and Unhealthy Ageing: The Role of Maternal Obesity
EPIHEALTH Linking perturbed maternal environment during periconceptional development, due to diabetes, obesity or assisted reproductive technologies, and altered health during ageing.
EURHEALTHAGEING European ResearcH on DevElopmentAL, BirtH and Genetic Determinants of Ageing
EUROBATS Identifying biomarkers of ageing using whole transcriptomic sequencing
FOD-CC Frailty Operative Definition-Consensus Conference
HATICE Healthy Aging Through Internet Counselling in the Elderly
IDEAL Integrated research on DEvelopmental determinants of Aging and Longevity
MARK-AGE European Study to Establish Biomarkers of Human Ageing
MID-FRAIL-STUDY A randomized clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-modal intervention in older people with type 2 diabetes on frailty and quality of life: the mid-frail study
NILVAD A European multicentre double-blind placebo-controlled phase III trial of nilvadIpine in mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
PREDICT Increasing the PaRticipation of the ElDerly in Clinical Trials
PRIMA-EDS Polypharmacy in chronic diseases: Reduction of Inappropriate Medication and Adverse drug events in elderly populations by electronic Decision Support
RESOLVE Resolve Chronic Inflammation and Achieve Healthy Aging by Understanding Non-regenerative Repair
SENATOR Development and clinical trials of a new Software ENgine for the Assessment & Optimization of drug and non-drug Therapy in Older peRsons
SWITCHBOX Maintaining health in old age through homeostasis
SYSTEMAGE Early warning signals of ageing in human stem cells and age-related disorders
TOLERAGE Normalisation of immune reactivity in old age - from basic mechanisms to clinical application
TRUST Multi-modal effects of thyroid hormone replacement for untreated older adults with subclinical hypothyroidism; a randomised placebo-controlled trial
V-TIME Virtual reality-Treadmill combined Intervention for enhancing Mobility and reducing falls in the Elderly
WHYWEAGE A road map for European ageing research