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FP7 projects


The following trials are examples of clinical trials in the cardiovascular area:

  • EU-PACT (Genotype-guided dosing of coumarin derivatives: the European pharmacogenetics of anticoagulant therapy). In the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, coumarin derivatives are used as anticoagulants. A clinical trial aims to determine if the knowledge of the genotype of the patients at the start of their treatment increases the safety of use of these anti-coagulants. The project received a EUR 2.5 million contribution.
  • EVINCI-Study (EValuation of Integrated Cardiac Imaging) is a cardiac imaging project. Patients with suspected Coronary Artery Disease could in the future benefit from specific imaging modalities tailored to their specific needs.

In the diabetes/obesity area clinical trials are also taking place:

  • DALI ( Vitamin D and Lifestyle Intervention for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Prevention). Pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus will be enrolled in clinical trials. The idea is to test different preventive measures such as diet, exercise or vitamin D against different variables and to analyse the impact of these measures on the mother and the foetus.
  • NAIMIT (Natural immunomodulators as novel therapies for type 1 diabetes). The aim of this project is to test new and individualised therapeutic approaches for clinical interventions in type 1 diabetes.
  • EUROCHIP (European Obesity Consortium studying the Hypothalamus and its Interaction with Peripheral organs). To understand how different diets affect the secretion of gut hormones and how the brain responds to these hormones to regulate our appetite, energy expenditure and body weight is the goal of this project.

A clinical trial has also been funded in the rare diseases area:

  • PEMPHIGUS Patients affected with this autoimmune disease of the epidermal skin are treated and followed clinically to help design more specific therapies.

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