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IDCT Workshop, organized by the European Commission

Can we facilitate multinational investigator-driven clinical trials?
Brussels, 10 November 2009


  1. ESF EMRC Forward Look - Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials by Liselotte Højgaard (1.30MB)
  2. Importance of Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials - Academic Research Organization Perspective; EORTC by Françoise Meunier (605KB)
  3. Importance of investigator-driven clinical trials for patient safety; University of Oxford by Rory Collins (424KB)
  4. Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials - Patients as Catalysts in Clinical Research; EGAN by Cor Oosterwijk (1.16MB)
  5. Can we facilitate Investigator-Driven Clinical Trials? Industry Perspective; Sanofi-aventis by Susanna Del Signore (167KB)
  6. Supporting Clinical Trials in Germany; DFG by Frank Wissing (122KB)
  7. How to facilitate investigator-driven clinical trials? - A regulator's point of view; Afssaps by Chantal Bélorgey (196KB)
  8. International Investigator Driven Clinical Trials - EMEA perspective by Thomas Lönngren (1.45MB)
  9. Insurance for Clinical Trials - "Can we facilitate multinational investigator driven clinical trials"; Munich RE by Burkhardt D. Swik (381KB)
  10. Clinical Trials in Gene Therapy- prospects and Hurdles; Hebrew University Jerusalem by Amos Panet (122KB)
  11. European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation; EBMT by Katarina Le Blanc (751KB)