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FP7 projects


List of project (sorted by Coordinator)

ARBUSTINI Eloisa INHERITANCEINtegrated HEart Research In TrANslational genetics of dilated Cardiomyopathies in Europe
ANKER Stefan SICA-HFStudies Investigating Co-morbidities Aggravating Heart Failure
BALDINI Antonio CARDIOGENETDefinition of a genetic network involved in congenital heart disease.
BLAKENBERG Stefan BIOMARCAREBiomarker for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Europe
BASELLI Giuseppe SHOCKOMICS Multiscale Approach to the Identification of Molecular Biomarkers in Acute Heart Failure Induced By Shock
CAMM John A. EUTRAFThe European Network for Translational Research in Atrial Fibrillation
DANESH John EPIC-CVDEPIC-CVD: Individualised CVD risk assessment: tailoring targeted and cost-effective approaches to Europe's diverse populations
DEWEY Marc DISCHARGEDiagnostic Imaging Strategies for Patients with Stable Chest Pain and Intermediate Risk of Coronary Artery Disease: Comparative Effectiveness Research of Existing Technologies
DOMINICZAK Anna EU-MASCARAMarkers for Sub-Clinical Cardiovascular Risk Assessemnt
ERLANDSSON-HARRIS Helena COUNTERSTROKE Treating stroke with Affibody molecules targeting the inflammatory mediator HMGB1
FELDMANN Marc ATHERO-FLUXTargeting novel lipid pathways for treatment of cardiovascular disease
GERLOFF Christian WAKE-UPEfficacy and safety of MRI-based thrombolysis in wake-up stroke: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
HOFER Erhard INFARCT CELL THERAPYTherapy after heart infarct: prevention of reperfusion injury and repair by stem cell transfer
HUHN Gabriele CVGENES-AT-TARGETExploitation of genomic variants affecting coronary artery disease and stroke risk for therapeutic intervention
JOVINGE Stefan CARDIOCELLDevelopment of cardiomyocyte replacement strategy for the clinic
JUKEMA Wouter PHASEA PHArmacogenomic study of Statins in the Elderly at risk for cardiovascular disease
KUIVENHOVEN Jan Albert TRANSCARD Translating disease to cardiovascular health
LAAKSONEN Reijo ATHEROREMOEuropean Collaborative Project on Inflamation and Vascular Wall Remodelling in Atherosclerosis
LEHNART Stephan EUTRIGTREATIdentification and therapeutic targeting of common arrhythmia trigger mechanisms
MAITLAND-VAN DER ZEE Anke-Hilse EU-PACTA pharmacogenomic approach to coumarin anticoagulant therapy
MASSBERG Steffen PRESTIGEPREvention of Late Stent Thrombosis by an Interdisciplinary Global European effort
MICHEL Jean-Baptiste FADFighting Aneurysmal Diseases
MEAIRS Stephen EUSTROKEEuropean Stroke Research Network
MONACO Claudia ATHERO-B-CELL Targeting and exploiting B cell functions for treatment in cardiovascular disease
MOORMAN Anton CHEARTEDGene- Environment Interactions in Heart Development
NEGLIA Danilo EVINCI-STUDYEvaluation of Integrated Cardiac Imaging for the Detection and Characterization of Ischemic Heart Disease
O'KELLY Sophie CARDIOSCAPE A survey of the European cardiovascular research landscape and recommendations for future research strategy
PAULUS Walter J MEDIAThe MEtabolic Road to DIAstolic Heart Failure
PIESKE Burkert SYSVASCSystems Biology to Identify Molecular Targets for Vascular Disease Treatment
PRUSS Rebecca M. MITOCARETreatment of reperfusion injury using a mitochondrial targeted approach: towards a better understanding of the disease.
REDWOOD Charles S. BIG-HEARTBench-to-beside Integrated approach to familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: to the HEART of the disease
RADEMAKERS Frank DOPPLER-CIPDetermining Optimal non-invasive Parameters for the Prediction of Left vEntricular morphologic and functional Remodeling in Chronic Ischemic Patients
REUSKEN Arold CARDIMMUNA new therapeutic antibody with a personalised medicine approach in cardiovascular disease
SCHWAB Stefan EUROHYP-1European multicentre, randomised, phase III clinical trial of hypothermia plus best medical treatment versus best medical treatment alone for acute ischaemic stroke
THIELE Holger CULPRIT-SHOCK Multivessel versus culprit lesion only percutaneous revascularization in patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock
VAN GOOL Alain CARTARDIS Identification and validation of novel pharmaceutical drug targets for cardiovascular disease
VOORS Adriaan BIOSTAT-CHFA systems BIOlogy Study to TAilored Treatment in Chronic Heart Failure
WISLØFF Ulrik OPTIMEX Optimizing Exercise Training in Prevention and Treatment of Diastolic Heart Failure
ZABEL Markus EU-CERT-ICD Comparative Effectiveness Research to Assess the Use of Primary ProphylacTic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators in EUrope
ZANNAD Faiez FIBRO-TARGETSTargeting cardiac fibrosis for heart failure treatment

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