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DIsseminate Research funded by EC improving Treatment options for children suffering from cancer

This project is an example of cancer projects which have been funded in other areas of research.

Coordinator: Helmut GADNER
Project Number: 201868
EC contribution: € 618,000.00
Project website:

Science is an endeavour that relies on a society committed to allocate substantial resources to its pursuit. Clear communication of research projects and their results is an essential part of performing science with public funds. However, progress in science is often slow, achievements of relevance to the society occur mostly in many iterative steps and the benefit for the public can hardly ever be associated with a single breakthrough discovery. While publicly funded research is increasingly openly accessible, complex individual findings require a more global approach to make their societal benefits tangible.“Children suffering from cancer” is a highly emotional issue which catches the attention of those not directly concerned. Moreover, research from public funds, including the Framework Programmes has contributed to the substantial advances in paediatric oncology, which provided instrumental results for improved treatment options and an increasing rate of young patients overcoming their malignant disease. To raise the interest in and understanding of health research, DIRECT aims at making the most of the general concern for the well-being of children. The partners of this consortium are convinced that this project will be able to increase the acceptance of and understanding for EC funded health research in the general public through the proposed strategy. Our approach is based on carefully selected projects in paediatric oncology and a mountaineering event to highlight the good physical condition of former patients in a transparent and instructive way for the public. Thus we will aim at providing an obvious link between EC funded research activities and the health of youths having overcome malignant disease. This link will be documented with the help of media professionals and communicated to the general public using ‘state of the art’ dissemination tools, including the internet, audio/visual and print media.

Additional information

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Current situation and future directions:
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More and better cure for an orphan: priorities for future paediatric cancer research in Europe – Meeting report of the EC-funded science-communication project DIRECT “Overcoming Cancer with Research”: (397KB)
Need for continual EU-funding
Imperative of continual support by the European Community for future advances in paediatric oncology in Europe: meeting report of the EC-funded sciencecommunication project DIRECT “Overcoming Cancer with Research”: (344KB)

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