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Monoclonal ANTIbody-targeted CARBon nanotubes against cancer

Coordinator: Kostas KOSTARELOS
Project Number: 201587
EC contribution: 2,967,008.00
Project website:

ANTICARB attempts to exploit the advantages offered by a novel nanotechnology platform carbon nanotubes and apply them to a clinically established therapeutic modality targeted antibody therapy for the creation of hybrid nanotechnology-based monoclonal antibody targeted cancer therapeutics.

ANTICARB combines two emerging technologies, antibody and nanotube technology, in a way that will allow safe development of antibody-nanotube conjugates and explore their swift translation into a clinical oncology setting. By combining proven, clinically used, anti-cancer agents antibodies with a novel nanotechnology-based platform made of advanced nanomaterials, ANTICARB aims at enhancing the therapeutic potency of the antibody and establish a new paradigm for oncology therapeutics.

The ability of carbon nanotube technology to transport antibodies into the tumor cell cytoplasm may lead to validation of specific intracellular targets for oncology. This objective will be reached by adopting a multidisciplinary approach and by bringing together expertise from the fields of drug delivery, molecular biology, chemistry, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology. The proposal capitalises on this industry-academia multidisciplinary and perfectly integrated team, whose expertise spans from advanced biotech to sophisticated nanotechnology.

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