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Upcoming Events

Date Location Subject
15 October 2014 Brussels, Belgium Palliative Care 2020. Towards integration of palliative care in an age-friendly EU” Final conference of two European projects IMPACT and EuroIMPACT

Past Events

Date Location Subject
December 2013 - TRANSCAN Third Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (JTC 2013)
25–29 November 2013 Lyon, France Paediatric Oncology for Cancer Registries Training Course
18-19 November 2013 Paris, France BDA-ENCCA-ITCC workshop - Improving oncology drug development for children and adolescents
15 November 2013 Paris, France ITCC-ENCCA Workshop 2013 - Imaging the future of drug development research in paediatric oncology
10-11 October 2013 Paris, France EU-India STI Cooperation Days
December 2012 - The second TRANSCAN Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (JTC 2012) is now open
24-27 September 2012 Malia, Crete, Greece 2nd Inflammation, Cancer and Novel Therapeutics Conference and Summer School
12-14 September 2012 Rome, Italy ITCC-ENCCA Training course on "Rational drug development in children with cancer"
11-15 July 2012 Dublin, Ireland FP7 Collaborative Health project, RATHER and SFI-funded Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Strategic Research Cluster Scientific Session The True Cost of Personalised Cancer Medicine, ESOF12
25-30 May 2012 Rome, Italy European Week Against Cancer competition for youth on cancer prevention
04-05 May 2012 Brno, Czech Republic European Colorectal Cancer Days - Prevention and Screening
December 2011 - First Joint Call of TRANSCAN (ERA-NET on Translational Cancer Research) will be launched in December 2011
29 November 2011 Brussels, Belgium NANOMUNNE and ANTICARB workshop
'Carbon Nanotubes: From Safety Assessment to Biomedical Applications'
26 November 2011 Dublin, Ireland Irish Conference on Survivorship after Cancer during Childhood and Adolescence
coorganised by PanCareSurFup
23-24 November 2011 Brussels, Belgium EUROCOURSE Summit
25 - 28
June 2011
Lisbon, Portugal TUMIC Metastasis Conference
24 March 2011 Brussels, Belgium PRISMA Symposium
01 March 2011 Liverpool, UK OPCARE9 final conference
04 February 2011 - World Cancer Day
18 - 20
Lausanne, Switzerland HEPADIP Final Meeting The collaborative project HEPADIP funded under the European Commission 6th Framework Programme will hold its final meeting

For more info on the project please see:
28 - 30
September 2010
Crete, Greece 1st Inflammation & Cancer Summer School
22 - 24
September 2010
Split, Croatia MYOAGE Workshop 2010 Tor, caloric restriction and anabolism in ageing.

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