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The True Cost of Personalised Cancer Medicine

Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF12): Scientific Session
11-15 July 2012, Dublin, Ireland (

Organised in association with the SFI-funded Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Strategic Research Cluster and the FP7 Collaborative Health project, RATHER.

Type: Science Programme, The Future of Medicine & Health
Host Organization: University College Dublin
Organiser: William Gallagher
Tags: SP90

Sunday 15 July 2012, 1:15pm - 2:45pm @ Wicklow Meeting Room 1

We are experiencing a revolution in the development of targeted anti-cancer agents focused against particular defects in tumours. These successes, however, bring their own challenges, such as the high cost associated with the use of contemporary therapeutics to treat cancer. Moreover, the true benefit of such 'targeted drugs' is often quite limited due to poor trial design, notably the lack of enrichment of patients for the relevant molecular lesion concerned.

To tackle this, there have been considerable efforts to develop companion diagnostic approaches that can be utilised alongside such molecular therapies to sub-stratify patients into different groupings based on predicted drug response.

While there has been classically some inertia on behalf of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to delve into this arena, the health economic argument is coming to the fore. This session will explore the complex interplay and driving forces behind advancement in development of anti-cancer agents and associated companion diagnostics, as well as the health economic, ethical and social issues that these developments engender.

Session format:

The format will comprise of short presentations from 3 speakers covering different perspectives (twenty minutes each), followed by extended discussion with audience.


Dr. Catherine Kelly ( 272KB), Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Ireland
What Drugs Should we Give to Which Patients? - An Oncologist's Perspective

Dr. Iris Simon ( 202KB), Agendia, The Netherlands
Development of Personalised Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Patients - An Industry Perspective

Professor Nils Wilking ( 209KB), Karolinska Institute, Sweden
What is the Economic Cost of Personalised Cancer Medicine?

Chairperson: Professor William Gallagher ( 282KB), University College Dublin, Ireland

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