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PRISMA Symposium

Brussels, Belgium, 24 March 2011

PRISMA - Reflecting the Positive Diversities of European Priorities for Research and Measurement in End of Life Care - is a pan-European co-ordinating action funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme Seven. Its expert network has been funded to advance best practice in the science & conduct of end-of-life cancer care research for European citizens. PRISMA has generated a set of original, substantive recommendations for adoption across Europe to harmonise & improve the end-of-life care experience. The PRISMA Symposium, to be held on Thursday 24th March, 2011, provides an opportunity to:

  • Discuss the direction for European end-of-life cancer care with end-of-life & public health experts;
  • Consider end-of-life care implementation in the midst of a European ageing population with key policy makers & funders from across Europe;
  • Review leading national examples from Australia & North America allowing for cross-national comparisons to aid national & pan-European policy development.

The conference will be conducted at La Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels.

More information on the programme