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Meeting "Promoting Effective Traumatic Brain Injury Research: EU and USA Perspectives"

National Neurotrauma Society, 16 June 2010, Las Vegas, USA

In June 2010, the European Commission (EC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) organised this workshop to consult the scientific community on the main bottlenecks in clinical TBI research and solutions to move the field forward. The workshop was held in Las Vegas (USA) during the US National Neurotrauma Symposium (NNS). Participation to the workshop was open to all NNS attendees.

The workshop concluded that:

  • Advances in provision of care for TBI patients have resulted from observational studies, guideline development and meta-analyses of individual patient data, rather than randomized controlled trials.
  • Standardised clinical data collection associated with systems biology and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) offers substantial opportunities for moving the TBI field forward: well conducted studies will translate into clinically meaningful results, which will directly inform decision making in clinical practice, and thus improve care for TBI patients.
  • A high quality clinical database should include demographic, clinical, genomic, proteomic, imaging, and detailed outcome data across multiple time points.
  • The need for an international collaborative research effort is evident, since building an observational dataset with data of quality high enough to perform system biology approaches and CER studies requires a sizable economic effort and a very large number of clinical centres across different countries.

The workshop thus provided a first indication that a coordinated research effort across the globe would be beneficial to the field of TBI.

The workshop agenda and presentations can be found here

Participation was open to all attendees of the National Neurotrauma Symposium.

The workshop report ( 238KB) was published in the Journal of Neurotrauma:
Maas AI, Menon DK, Lingsma HF, Pineda JA, Sandel ME, Manley GT (2012). Re-orientation of clinical research in traumatic brain injury: report of an international workshop on comparative effectiveness research. J Neurotrauma. 2012 Jan 1;29(1):32-46.

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