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Systems Biology

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AXLR8: Accelerating the transition to a toxicity pathway-based paradigm for chemical safety assessment through internationally coordinated research and technology development

CANCERSYS: Mathematical modelling of beta-catenin and ras signalling in liver and its impact on proliferation, tissue organization and formation of hepatocellular carcinomas

CISSTEM: Cis-regulatory logic of the transcriptional control in neural stem cells

DOPAMINET: Molecular Networks of Dopaminergic Neurons in Chordates

EPIGENESYS: Epigenetics towards systems biology

EUROSYSTEM: European Consortium for Systematic Stem Cell Biology

FUTURESYSBIO: Tackling the future challenges in Systems Medicine

IFNACTION: A system view on the differential activities of human type I interferons

MISMATCH2MODEL: Characterization and quantitative modeling of DNA mismatch repair and its role in the maintenance of genomic stability and cancer avoidance

MITIN: Integration of the system models of insulin signalling and of mitochondrial function and its application in the study of complex diseases

MITOSYS: Systems Biology of Mitosis

MODEL-IN: Genomic determinants of inflammation: from physical measurements to system perturbation and mathematical modelling

MODHEP: Systems biology of liver cancer: an integrative genomic-epigenomic approach

NOTOX: Predicting long-term toxic effects using computer models based on systems characterization of organotypic cultures

PANACEA: Quantitative pathway analysis of natural variation in complex disease signaling in C. elegans

SYSPATHO: New Algorithms for Host Pathogen Systems Biology

PHAGOSYS: Systems Medicine of phagosome formation and maturation, modulation by intracellular pathogens

PHENOXIGEN: A systems approach linking genotype and environment to phenotype: oxidative stress response mechanisms in fission yeast

PLURISYS: Systems Medicine approaches to understand cell pluripotency

SYBILLA: Systems Biology of T-cell Activation in Health and Disease

SYBOSS: Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Reprogramming

SYNSYS: Synaptic Systems: dissecting brain function in health and disease

SYSTEMS MICROSCOPY: Systems microscopy a key enabling methodology for next-generation systems biology

TRIREME: Systems-Level, Multi-layer Understanding of Cellular Responses to ionizing Radiation

UNICELLSYS: Eukaryotic unicellular organism biology - Systems Medicine of the control of cell growth and proliferation