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Selected past and current projects

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Functional Genomics:

SIROCCO: Silencing RNAs: organisers and coordinators of complexity in eukaryotic organisms

Autoscreen: AUTOSCREEN for cell based high-throughput and high-content gene function analysis and drug discovery screens

MODEST: Modular devices for ultrahigh-throughput and small-volume nucleofection


ProDaC: Proteomics Data Collection

CAMP: Chemical Genomics by Activity Monitoring of Proteases

Interaction Proteome:

NEUPROCF: Development of new methodologies for low abundance proteomics : application to cystic fibrosis

Structural Genomics:

Technology development driven projects and actions:

Bioinformatic tools for assigning functions to genes:
GENEFUN: In-Silico Prediction of gene function

Electron microscopy:
3D-EM: Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy

EXTEND-NMR: Extending NMR for Functional and Structural Genomics

NMR-Life: Focusing NMR on the machinery of Life

BIOXHIT: Bio-Crystallography (X) on a Highly Integrated Technology Platform for European Structural Genomics.

IMPS: Innovative Tools for Membrane Structural Proteomics

OptiCryst: Optimization of Protein Crystallization for European Structural Genomics

Assessment of SG:
FESP: Forum for European Structural Proteomics

High-value target driven projects associated with diseases:

3DGENOME: 3D Genome structure and function

3D Repertoire: A multidisciplinary approach to determine the structures of protein complexes in a model organism

Membrane proteins:
E-MeP: European Membrane Protein Consortium

E-MeP-Lab: European Membrane Protein Laboratories

NDDP: NMR Tools for Drug Design validated on Phospatases

Signalling pathways:
SPINE2-COMPLEXES: From Receptor to Gene: structures of complexes

TEACH-SG: Training and Education in High Volume and High Value Structural Genomics Methodologies

Viral pathogens:
VIZIER: VIral enZymes InvolvEd in Replication

FSG-V-RNA: Functional and Structural Genomics of Viral RNA