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International large scale omics research initiatives

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The European Commission is currently participating in several international large scale omics research initiatives. These types of collaborations take the form of International Consortia in which member organisations work towards common goals and objectives while using their own funding mechanisms and rules. Working together with other funders and organisations investing in research has a number of advantages such as:

  • Maximising resources and enhance research capacities
  • Reducing potential overlaps in research
  • Tackling more ambitious research goals based on societal needs
  • Promoting common quality standards and norms
  • Promoting open access and data sharing policies

The European Commission has actively participated in the launch of five International Consortia in omics research since the year 2007.

Click on a title below to read more about each initiative.

The International Knock Out Mouse Consortium

The International Human Microbiome Consortium

The International Cancer Genome Consortium

The International Human Epigenome Consortium

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium