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Selected past and current projects

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FP6 projects:


EUCOMM: European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program

EUMODIC: The European Mouse Disease Clinic: A Distributed phenotyping resource for studying human disease

EUTRACC: European Transcriptome, Regulome & Cellular Commitment Consortium

MUGEN: Integrated Functional Genomics in Mutant Mouse Models as Tools to Investigate the Complexity of Human Immunological Disease

HEROIC: High-throughput Epigenetic Regulatory Organisation In Chromatin

CASIMIR: Coordination and Sustainability of International Mouse Informatics Resources

PRIME: Priorities for mouse functional genomics research acrosss Europe


EURATools: European Rat Tools for Functional Genomics

MEDRAT: New Tools to Generate Transgenic and Knock-out Mouse and Rat Models


ZF-MODELS: Zebrafish Regulomics for Human Health


NEMAGENETAG: Nematode Gene-Tagging Tools and Resources