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  • Richness of human gut microbiome correlates with metabolic markers 29.08.2013 - more

  • Coordinator of the Epigenesys project receives 2013 FEBS I EMBO Women in Science Award 15.03.2013 - more

  • New article published
    by Cell-O-Matic project: Integrated view of genome structure and sequence of a single DNA molecule in a nanofluidic device 15.03.2013 - more

  • New insights into DNA reprogramming during egg and sperm cell development 07.12.2012 - more

  • Researchers of the Blueprint Consortium decipher the first epigenomes of chronic lymphocytic leukemia 16.10.2012 - more

  • New video clip from
    the FP7 project EpiGeneSys: "Shaping the future of epigenetics research
    in Europe".
    Watch it here 31.05.2012

  • The FP7 projects EUROSYSTEM, HEROIC and BLUEPRINT publishes joint paper
    in the journal Cell. 27.04.2012 - more

  • The FP7 projects EpiGeneSys and BLUEPRINT publishes joint paper in the journal Science. 27.04.2012 - more

  • The project
    EpiGeneSys NoE publishes new Nature paper on spatial partitioning
    of the regulatory landscape of the X-inactivation centre. 17.04.2012

  • BLUEPRINT project publishes paper in Nature Biotech. Watch
    a new film clip about the project on the BLUEPRINT website. 29.03.2012

  • Psimex project contributes to paper
    on international collaboration to harmonise and
    collection and sharing of protein interaction data in Nature Methods. See also the IMEX consortium website. 29.03.2012

  • Matthias Mann, coordinator of the Fp7 project Prospects to receive the Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine 2012 and the Ernst Schering Prize 2012. 19.03.2012 - more

  • The proposals for Horizon 2020 have been adopted by the Commission. Visit the Horizon 2020 web site for more information
    30.11.2011 - more

  • The European Commission's "Innovation Union"
    06.10.2010 - more

  • 1. International Conference of Systems Biology - Workshop
    28.08 - 01.09.2011 - more

  • 2. Stratification biomarkers in personalised medicine
    10-11.06.2010 - more

  • 3. Are mice relevant models for human disease?
    21.05.2010 - more

  • 4. Role of -omics in personalised medicine
    29-30.04.2010 - more